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Defining student success must reflect actual student behavior and intentions. The Voluntary Framework for Accountability comes much closer to reality, but it’s largely absent from policy discussions. That needs to change.

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Paul Francis, the new head of Washington’s community college system, is unsure the word is getting out that students might qualify for Washington’s generous financial aid program. He says the state has one of the best state aid programs in the country, yet it’s 49th in FAFSA completions.

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There has been some movement towards more vocational-oriented majors, particularly at community colleges, often at the expense of some of the more traditional liberal arts majors.


Pima Community College will offer nursing students the opportunity to fulfill their training requirements at Tucson Unified School District schools. The purpose is to help train students while creating opportunities for those PCC students to find job placements in TUSD.

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The government must recognize that the higher education system now is not a cure-all for inequality and commit to providing better policies to help those in poverty in addition to offering more solutions to making college affordable.


The former member of Congress says he likes state leaders’ proposals that focus on helping older adults with some college but no degree to finish their credential.

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