DataPoints: Recognizing student veterans’ challenges


Student veterans comprise about 5% of community college students, and many of them face challenges in attending college, according to federal data. For example, 27% of student veterans who attend a community college report having a disability, compared to 20% of students who are not veterans. More specifically, student veterans have higher rates of serious disabilities – such as blindness/difficulty seeing, being deaf/hard of hearing, walking/climbing stairs and concentrating and remembering – than students not veterans. Student veterans also face higher risks of homelessness (14% compared to 10% of community college students not veterans) and are more likely to have dependent children (38% compared to 24%).

About the Author

Matthew Dembicki and Kent Phillippe
Matthew Dembicki is associate vice president of communications at the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC). Kent Phillippe is AACC's vice president of research and student success.