SUNY community colleges brace for $46M cuts over 2 years
NNY 360
Community colleges in the State University of New York system will prioritize cutting administrative jobs and staff to offset revenue gaps caused by the pandemic, officials said, as executives proposed $46 million cuts to state community colleges over the next two years.

Commentary: Make a down payment on Oregon’s future by investing in community colleges now
Oregon’s community colleges, if adequately funded, can help every Oregon industry and community by training workers in a relatively short amount of time; improving the English skills of non-native speakers; and connecting Oregonians hardest-hit by the pandemic with crucial resources to meet their basic needs.

Commentary: Shining a spotlight on equity through community colleges
Community colleges offer opportunities and open doors that have typically been closed to our underprivileged and underserved populations, making higher education affordable and accessible to everyone, yet they still have the smallest piece of the funding pie.

Commentary: Hospitals need more nurses; Illinois community colleges can help
State Journal-Register
In Illinois, nursing positions remain the second most posted occupation behind commercial truck drivers, also a program offered through career and technical education.

To protect taxpayer dollars, the Education Dept. is disproportionately auditing Black and Latino college students
Washington Post
A Washington Post analysis of federal data found that the Education Department has disproportionately selected students from majority-Black and Latino neighborhoods to provide further proof that the information on their financial aid application is accurate

Commentary: Massachusetts’ early college program: from successful pilot to sustainable policy
Boston Globe (subscription required)
Why, in the midst of a pandemic, should early college be a priority? Because it addresses two vital issues related to the crisis: educational equity and economic recovery.

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