Commentary: Create better student support structures for remote learning
EduTech Magazine
Lost internships have an immediate effect on students’ education. For community and technical colleges, in particular, fewer internships can result in a less prepared workforce and more downward pressure on the economy.

Commentary: Community colleges offer employers access to a well-qualified, diverse workforce
San Diego Union-Tribune
Designing broader, more diverse talent pipelines is a tangible way to rebuild a more just, inclusive and equitable world.

LCCC program offers free tuition to displaced workers
The Citizen’s Voice
The Employment Retraining Opportunities Program is a statewide initiative in Pennsylvania that Luzerne County Community College adopted during the 2009 recession to assist those whose employment was affected by the national economic downturn.

The new look of Boston’s higher education institutions
Boston Magazine
Roxbury Community College’s Valerie Roberson joins a Q&A roundtable discussion about what higher education will look like in the pandemic era.

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