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Many have turned to hourly jobs or careers that don’t require a degree, while others have been deterred by high tuition and the prospect of student debt.


Since January 2022, the state’s 15 community colleges have mandated students and staffers receive the vaccine if they’re attending classes in person or working on campus. After this spring semester, though, the schools will lift that mandate.

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According to the American Association of Community Colleges, community college grads dominate certain professional fields, including health and security, and 80% of all law enforcement officers, EMTs, and firefighters.

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The longtime Republican congresswoman sees an opportunity to finally reauthorize the Higher Education Act of 1965 in her second stint as leader of the House education committee and is pledging oversight of the Biden administration.


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer visited Kellogg Community College this week to discuss her “budget tour” and propose an expansion that will lower costs to attend college in Michigan.


The bachelor of science in nursing program is something officials with the Ohio college say they fought for years to secure. With the passing of Senate Bill 135 and the recent approval from the higher learning commission, the community college say it’s ready to go.

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