Nearly 800 Alabamians sign up for rapid worker training programs
Alabama Daily News
So far, the Skills for Success program is training people to get their commercial driver licenses, drive school buses and work in the restaurant and hospitality industries. More industry-specific certifications are being added.

Commentary: Five winning strategies for community college presidents
Laura Leatherwood, president of Blue Ridge Community College (North Carolina), shares five key strategies that allow her to maintain balance in pursuing multiple goals.

Commentary: Here’s how San Diego community colleges are supporting students and helping them find jobs
San Diego Union-Tribune
Far from being buzzwords, diversity, equity, access and inclusion drive every decision at these colleges.

California colleges now have centers to help students with basic needs like food and housing
Stockton Record
As community college students return to their campuses, many will find one new resource to count on: a hub where they can seek support in meeting their basic needs.

3.4M kids now have college savings accounts through state program
California Gov. Gavin Newsom this week announced millions of kids now have college money in their names through a statewide initiative called California Kids Investment and Savings Development Program (CalKIDS).

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