Commentary: Announcing the Community College Practice-Research-Policy Exchange
Mixed Methods (Community College Research Center blog)
The Community College Practice-Research-Policy Exchange is being created in large part to help identify evidence related to strategies that strengthen completion and retention and to broadly share it with community college leaders in states across the country.

Hundreds of colleges say Covid vaccines will be mandatory for fall 2021
With the latest announcements from the State University of New York and the City University of New York, hundreds of thousands of students will now be required to get the Covid vaccine.

White House says all Americans can get free rides to Covid vaccine sites through Uber, Lyft

The White House said this week new initiatives include free rides to vaccination sites from Lyft and Uber, vaccination clinics at community colleges and additional resources for states.

Older college students spend $30,900 per year on costs beyond tuition
According to a recent report from the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality, college students ages 25-45 spend $30,900 per year on costs other than tuition, on average.

In Arizona, in-state tuition for immigrants to be on 2022 ballot measure
Associated Press
Arizona voters in 2022 will get to decide whether young people brought illegally to the United States as children should qualify for in-state tuition at community colleges and state universities, after the legislature this week approved a ballot referral.

MVCC students build tiny homes and promote trades
Carpentry and masonry jobs are in need of workers. And New York’s Mohawk Valley Community College is encouraging students to explore these fields, while also building things to give back to the community.

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