Where the 2020 candidates stand on free college, student debt
U.S. News & World Report
Free college and the cancellation of student loan debt have emerged as the higher education darlings among the most progressive Democratic presidential candidates.

Colleges could do more to help student parents pay for childcare, watchdog says
More than one in five college students in the U.S. are raising kids. Of those students, more than half will leave school without getting a degree. (Editor’s note: Here’s the GAO report.)

Here’s how to make colleges accountable and affordable, Sen. Rick Scott says
Daily Signal
The former Florida governor wants to automatically cut off from federal funding any college that raises tuition or fees and make colleges responsible for a portion of any student’s default on a federal loan.

Commentary: Investment in student success
Bothell-Kenmore Reporter
Since the recession, community and technical colleges have experienced more than a decade of budget cuts.

Group opposed to community college merger sends letter to accrediting body
Journal Inquirer
A group of more than 80 current and former faculty and staff members of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system has logged its concerns about a consolidation plan directly with the regional accrediting body reviewing the move.

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