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Expanded broadband access does not necessarily equate to greater internet quality. Ongoing technological challenges continue to prevent students from succeeding on campuses.


The state’s funding model for community colleges is becoming unstable due to the erosion in state and local support, says Elizabeth Bolden, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges. That is pushing more of the burden on students, many of whom can’t afford its average $5,300 yearly tuition rate.


State Rep. Daniel J. Hobbs has introduced the legislation that would direct the state’s community college system to study housing construction costs, the cost to students, the availability of space on campuses, other infrastructure and staff necessary to support housing, alternate housing options and any other issues the system feels are appropriate.


The governing boards for San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Community College District are meeting to discuss partnerships and collaborative programs through the 2027 school year.

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With the nation facing a critical nursing shortage and hospitals hard-pressed to train more students in their facilities, 31 states have passed laws allowing nursing schools to substitute simulation for some of the clinical training hours required to qualify for their licensing exam.


The newly appointed State Univeristy of New York chancellor, John King Jr., visited Herkimer County Community College this week as part of his tour of all 64 campuses.


The Cal State system is optimistic its new transfer program will help boost lagging numbers of community college students entering the 23-campus system.


We’re finding several factors to blame for the tumbling college numbers, but the one that concerns me the most is the growing skepticism about the value of college, writes Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation.

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