DataPoints: Students’ college costs this year


Tuition and fees at community colleges this academic year average just above one-third (35%) that of in-state tuition and fees at public four-year institutions, according to the College Board’s annual report on trends in college pricing.

The average public two-year college tuition and fees increased this year by $60 to $3,860. At four-year public institutions, the average increased by $200, to $10,940, the report says.

When grant aid is applied for community college students, the cost is typically much less. In fact, since 2009-10, first-time, full-time students at public two-year colleges have received enough grant aid, on average, to cover their tuition and fees.

But costs beyond tuition and fees are where many community college students struggle financially. Overall, the average budget for full-time community college students is $19,230 — that includes $9,610 for food and housing (room and board), $1,870 for transportation, $1,460 for books and supplies, and $2,430 for other expenses. Compared to academic year 2021-22, costs went up $280 for food and housing, $30 for transportation and $30 for other expenses. Books and supplies expenses were flat.

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Matthew Dembicki
Matthew Dembicki edits Community College Daily and serves as associate vice president of communications for the American Association of Community Colleges.