Mentorship program supporting Black male students at Seattle colleges to expand
In less than one year, Seattle Central College’s mentor pilot program for Black male students is yielding results.

Newsom administration opposes major changes to Cal Grants, calling them too costly
AB 1456 would make major changes to California’s main financial aid program, but it’s unclear if Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign the bill.

Massachusetts public colleges split: Four-year schools go in-person, two-year schools stay online
As a third consecutive pandemic-tainted school year begins, different types of public colleges in Massachusetts are taking divergent approaches to teaching classes.

Vaccine mandates become ‘new normal’ at California universities, community colleges
CBS 13 Sacramento
Public universities and community colleges across the state have started to mandate coronavirus vaccines for both staff and students.

Fewer students enrolled in community college at the worst of the pandemic, and the schools are trying to get them back
Iowa Public Radio
Community colleges saw fewer students enroll once the Covid-19 pandemic hit Iowa hard. That also meant fewer students of color during that time. Now, the schools are trying to regain the momentum they had before the pandemic.

Commentary: Investing in community colleges does more than fuel California’s workforce
Community colleges often serve as the final lifeline in state emergencies, housing those displaced, feeding those who are hungry, and becoming a center of coordination and basic community information, writes Daisy Gonzales, acting chancellor of California Community Colleges.

Commentary: Free community college: Progress is being made, but pitfalls remain
Brown Center Chalkboard (Brookings blog)
The real problem with the limit in the proposed bill is that the cost of community college services is likely to increase for reasons not under the control of the colleges, and tuition ought to rise along with costs, writes an economics professor from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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