Wake Tech donates 6 acres for affordable housing with 30% set aside for students
Wake Technical Community College will donate six acres of land to the county which will then build affordable housing units. Thirty percent of those homes will go to the North Carolina college’s students who meet certain requirements.

More than half of public colleges in Mass. used Covid relief funds to cover unpaid student bills
At least 17 of Massachusetts’ 29 public colleges have collectively wiped off their books nearly $20 million in student debt.

Austin Community College students participate in Tesla-sponsored robotics program
Students at Austin Community College in Texas are getting a glimpse into the future with a new 14-week robotics program. The program will serve as a pipeline to prepare students for a potential job at Tesla.

Opinion: A college degree is two things: something you earn, and something you own
Colorado Sun
Higher education in Colorado needs to be both a product and a service for the state to get the most out of its investment, says Abel A. Chávez, vice president for enrollment and student success at Western Colorado University.

How recent events reshaped college admissions
Changes driven by Covid include rethinking testing requirements, though such policies may not be as simple as they seem.

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