Community colleges turn to new incentives for recruitment
Inside Higher Ed
Community college leaders are intentionally focusing on what resources students, especially first-generation students, need to feel they can successfully navigate remote learning, says Martha Parham of the American Association of Community Colleges.

Gateway is combating the impending ‘Silver Tsunami’ by matching nursing students of color with mentors
Journal Times
Shronda Green and Victoria Hulback both were first-generation college graduates who are now faculty in Gateway Technical College’s School of Health. The reason both give for having succeeded in college, and thus as professional nurses and now as educators, was having a dedicated mentor.

Workforce training at your fingertips
AACC 21st Century Center (blog)
In Mississippi, Jones College is making workforce training more accessible through its new Online Workforce College.

What if students didn’t have to leave community colleges to earn bachelor’s degrees?
Proponents say that embedding baccalaureate pathways within community colleges advances their mission to help all students succeed and local regions thrive — especially those people and places not well-served by other higher ed options.

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