Our most-read articles of 2020


Covid and its effects on healthcare, the economy, workforce development and much more was the main focus for the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) this year. As a result, the articles in CCDaily zeroed in on these areas to provide pertinent information for AACC-member colleges and their partners to weather the pandemic and move forward in this unprecedented environment.

So it’s not surprising that all of the top-read CCDaily articles of 2020 touched on some aspect of Covid, from strategies to address enrollment drops this fall, to providing hands-on learning experiences during the pandemic, and delving deeper into equity and social justice reform.

Developing the content was a team effort among our editors and reporters, AACC staff, the community colleges we serve and many others. We thank each and every person for helping. And please don’t hesitate to email us story ideas on what topics you would like to see covered in 2021.

The 10 most-read CCDaily articles of 2020, starting with No. 1:

  1. Why community colleges may be the best strategic choice for fall enrollment
  2. Community college enrollment plummets
  3. A time to reimagine community colleges
  4. Community colleges: A better alternative than a gap year
  5. How are community college students different?
  6. Handling clinicals, apprenticeships and more
  7. Coronavirus, community colleges and the equity gap
  8. In a post-Covid world, community colleges must bridge the gap between education and employment
  9. Strategies colleges used to increase enrollment this fall
  10. The Covid crisis in community colleges — what does the data say?

About the Author

Matthew Dembicki
is editor of Community College Daily and serves as publications director for the American Association of Community Colleges.