Commentary: All In this together? Don’t forget the community college students
The Hill
If plans for reopening in colleges in the fall do not take these students’ unique challenges into account, they may fail to return to school altogether.

Commentary: Education, race, and jobs in the COVID-19 crisis
As COVID-19 shakes the economy, the treacherous road to the American Dream increasingly leads to a steep cliffside drop-off for America’s most vulnerable.

‘Somehow we make it work’: How Washington’s community college students are navigating the pandemic
Since the coronavirus pandemic started, challenges community college students face have only been exacerbated.

Schools struggle to keep out-of-class students connected during COVID-19 crisis
At campuses like Pierce College, administrators have extended the WiFi into campus parking lots. Other colleges dismantled equipment in their own computer labs in order to loan them out to students or partnered with local businesses to make online access easier.

‘Cautiously optimistic but realistically pessimistic’: Georgia colleges prepare for unknowns of fall semester
Schools like Athens Technical College typically see enrollments rise during economic downturns, but as unemployment reaches unprecedented heights in Georgia, this time feels different, said ATC President Andrea Daniel.

Kansas public higher education absorbs $90 million financial impact from COVID-19
Morning Sun
Kansas’ system of public higher education took a $90.7 million financial hit in the current fiscal year from the spread of COVID-19 that in March abruptly transformed operation of universities and the community and technical colleges.

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