The secret is out: 105-year-old woman left $10M to Washington’s community colleges
Seattle Times
This week, the estate of Evan Gordon, who worked as a trading assistant at an investment firm in Seattle, announced her wish to give $10 million to 17 community colleges across Washington.

South Carolina lawmakers propose ending open enrollment for some technical college students
The State
Some future South Carolina technical college students may be required to meet academic criteria before taking credit-earning classes.

Commentary: Northam proposal true to community college roots
While Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s proposal is not a “free community college” nor a “promise” program, the end result would greatly reduce — if not eliminate — how much money students would spend out of their own pocket to pursue select pathways in high-demand fields, writes the chancellor of the Virginia Community College System.

Bosch Community Fund supports dual enrollment at Greenville Technical College
GSA Business
A $25,000 grant from the Bosch Community Fund is providing scholarship assistance for high school students enrolled in Greenville Technical College STEM courses.

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