DeVos to eliminate rules aimed at abuses by for-profit colleges
New York Times
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to eliminate regulations that forced for-profit colleges to prove that they provide gainful employment to the students they enroll, in what would be the most drastic in a series of moves that she has made to free the for-profit sector from safeguards put in effect during the Obama era.

Guaranteed admission for California community college students at private universities
Mercury News
Students at California’s community colleges are about to get more options for earning a bachelor’s degree in four years

Why the Democrats’ new ‘debt-free’ college plan won’t really make college debt-free
The Conversation
There are a few parts of both the Republican and Democratic higher education bills that could get bipartisan support, such as simplifying the process for applying for federal financial aid, creating better data systems to help track students’ outcomes, and allowing Pell grants to be used for shorter-term training programs.

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