New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to award $500K in scholarships for community colleges
Community colleges are vital to boosting economic opportunity for New Hampshire families and to achieving the state’s goal that 65 percent of the state’s adults have high-value degrees or credentials by 2025, which is critical to maintaining New Hampshire’s strong workforce and communities.

$20M Culinary Arts Center opens to feed region’s growing food, hospitality industry
WTOP (with audio)
After three years of planning, one year of construction and a $20 million investment from Prince George’s County, the Culinary Arts Center at Prince George’s Community College is open.

Slashed funding cuts community colleges deeper
Sedalia Democrat
Community colleges receive 15 percent of Missouri’s higher education funding, but teach over 40 percent of public higher education students, according to the Missouri Community College Association.

Too many colleges? Senator expects ‘day of reckoning’ for state’s higher education system
WV News
To state Sen. Ed Gaunch, the problem in West Virginia is obvious. With years of declining enrollment and similar years of shrinking state budgets, he says West Virginia needs to rethink its system of colleges and universities.

Commentary: One professor’s case against ‘free’ college tuition
Baltimore Sun
Private schools use endowments, and public schools could do so as well, writes a Towson University professor.

Community college program helps single parents
Messenger-inquirer (subscription required)
When Christina Carpenter moved to Rosine and enrolled in the Owensboro Community & Technical College Ready to Work and Work and Learn programs, she was at the end of her rope.

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