President Donald Trump last summer visited Kirkwood Community College and observed students using a combine simulator. (Photo: AP/Susan Walsh)

Letters to the editor: President wrong about community colleges
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President Donald Trump visited Kirkwood Community College nine months ago, and even toured its agriculture-related programs. So to not by now understand the breadth of educational/training programs and community services all community colleges offer is very disheartening, a reader wrote.

Commentary: Community colleges deliver the good jobs that Trump keeps promising. So why does he dump on them?
Los Angeles Times
Spring is a nice time for anyone — including the president — to visit campus to see firsthand what community colleges do, writes the chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the largest system of public higher education in the country.

Tuition-free community colleges, public universities proposed in Pennsylvania
A state lawmaker plans to introduce a bill to cover two years of tuition and fees for recent high school graduates attending one of the state’s 14 community colleges. It also would provide grants to adult learners who are seeking additional credentials, including certification and college credit.

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