You don’t need a 4-year degree to make a decent living — and in fact, you can earn more without one
Business Insider
About 28 percent of people with two-year associate degrees make more than bachelor’s degree recipients.

America’s community colleges are a lot more valuable than it thought
While the most elite of four-year institutions boast graduation rates of 90 percent or above, community colleges can’t even get a quarter of students to complete their degrees — or so everyone had thought.

Commentary: Community college delivers real value
Elizabethtown Bladen Journal
Among careers with the highest rates of return on investment, many of them required community college, not university training, writes John Hood, chair of the John Locke Foundation.

Lake Erie, Lakeland, Notre Dame colleges pleased with enrollment despite lower numbers
Although there are fewer students enrolled in area colleges this year, the slight decline is not a major concern for school officials.

Commentary: Two simple words can help regional tech diversify its workforce
Auburn Reporter
Two breathtakingly simple words can help regional tech grow and diversify its workforce: community college.

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