Bossier Parish Community College finds expertise to support students through student outreach program

 Bossier Parish Community College

The Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) mission is to provide an innovative, accessible and caring learning environment that advances educational goals, cultivates community partnerships, and strengthens the regional economy. Located in culturally diverse Bossier City, Louisiana and part of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, they strive to be a valued community partner, and a catalyst for growth and opportunity for individuals to contribute to the social cultural and economic vitality of their region.

Understanding the importance of connecting with students to ensure they had everything needed to start the next term, the BPCC team had staff who could make the phone calls. With two new campuses in place it was even more important to make sure those students had the same student-centered and caring experience the school strives to uphold. Teresa Jones, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Services, could see a challenge arising. “Taking my own experience into account as I started my college journey, I understand how students get lost in the process, whether it’s lack of background information or maybe just not understanding the terminology, they need support to be successful.”

Though the outreach team was connecting with students, it seems most of the questions that needed to be answered were related to financial aid and required expertise the team didn’t have. “Student connections were being made, but spending time to find the answers and return calls was frustrating for both the outreach team and the students,” says Jones. “It became clear we needed to do something else.”

Since BPCC had already been working with Inceptia using Verification Gateway to streamline their verification process, they knew the Inceptia team members were experts on financial aid and could provide the information students needed to continue the journey with BPCC. Each member of the Inceptia student advocate counseling team goes through extensive initial training, including assessments and quality assurance checks. In addition, the team participates in monthly internal and external training to keep their skills current along with soft skills practices to thoughtfully manage their student conversations for a successful outcome.

Inceptia’s Student Outreach team implemented a contact campaign to the returning students BPCC provided to check in with students and help keep enrollment on t rack. Through a concentrated contact campaign, with a 30% phone contact rate and 60% email open rate, nearly 700 students indicated they were returning and data was gathered on over 100 more as to why they may not return.

“Not only were we able to help answer our students’ questions more efficiently, we were able to connect with more of them and gather data to understand why students may not return and that’s valuable information for making future plans,” concludes Jones.

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