Starting next year, students in California won’t have to enroll in English as a Second Language courses when they take a class in their native language.


When students started leaving college during the Covid pandemic, California’s community colleges feared losing state funding, which is based partly on enrollment. But now, one group is offering hope: students over the age of 50.

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The Republicans’ funding bill includes policy riders that would block a slew of Biden administration education policies, such as its overhaul of Title IX rules and new student loan repayment program known as SAVE. It would also end the administration’s safety net program that eliminates most penalties for borrowers who miss their monthly payment for the next year.

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The House is slated to take up Johnson’s “laddered” continuing resolution this week, marking the newly minted Speaker’s first attempt at averting a shutdown days out from the funding deadline.

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The plan focuses on historically underserved communities, such as people of color, veterans and people living in rural areas and targets workforce training in three industries key to the state’s economy: health care, manufacturing and technology.


The role in the classic holiday play allows Deborah Preston to return to her theater roots.

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