As enrollment rates across California’s community college system took heavy losses following the Covid-19 pandemic, colleges have focused on advertising their tuition-free access in recent months.

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With Gen Z students loving non-degree pathways, the next logical line of thinking for some degree-granting colleges and universities is what they can do to enlighten potential students of their institutions’ benefits.

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Southwestern Community College’s nursing program is appreciative of the efforts by Iowa Rep. Zach Nunn. It just hopes more can be put into the country’s community college system.


The former site of the Decatur City Schools will now serve the state by providing training to meet the rising workforce demands in Alabama.

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A community college in Montana is putting a new spin on dual enrollment by providing free one-credit course offerings to local high school students, with content aimed at preparing them for life after graduation.

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Nearly a year after Kirkwood Community College announced it was closing its 32-year-old Iowa City campus on the southeast side of town, Oral-B Laboratories has agreed to buy the 84,277-square-foot property for $6.4 million.

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