Women in leadership


In March, CC Daily focuses on women leaders at community colleges to celebrate Women’s History Month. Learn about their stories and what they are doing to make a difference in their communities and the lives of students.

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Ang kwento ko (My story)
Humanizing education and a caring learning environment are goals I strive to achieve in any community college that I lead, writes Rowena M. Tomaneng, president of California’s San Jose City College.

Woman of Vigor, Mujer de Vigor
As a “Woman of Vigor, Mujer de Vigor,” it is important to lead with purpose and integrity and have the strength and bravery to make bold decisions that increase the probability of success for our students, especially for unrepresented, marginalized students. 

Getting to the top while being true to yourself
A Maryland college president reflects on how she navigated through challenges and offers encouragement for other women who are changing the world.

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