New Jersey kicks off ‘Pay it Forward’ zero interest college loan program
The New Jersey Pay it Forward Program, a new workforce development initiative that aims to help residents get a quality postsecondary education and training to advance their careers, was launched on Wednesday.

Limited public transit keeps some college students from graduating
USA Today
Colleges and local leaders can close some of these gaps with simple tweaks to routes or bus schedules.

‘Zero-dollar tuition’ model could be the future of South Carolina technical college
Greenville Journal
Greenville Technical College officials say zero-dollar tuition especially helps non-traditional students with financial hurdles. So far, the program has helped bring in more students over age 24, who fall outside the demographic of the traditional college student.

Colleges ease Covid restrictions as fall semester begins for millions of students
Even with fewer precautions, colleges should keep their guard up. The beginning of the semester, when there’s a lot of student migration, is when cases tend to go up.

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