Supreme Court weighs in on ‘cancel culture’ with community college case
The Supreme Court weighed in Thursday on the long-simmering debate over “cancel culture,” unanimously rejecting a Texas community college board member’s claims that his colleagues’ decision to censure him violated his First Amendment rights.

California’s online community college faces third attempt to shut it down
A proposed state bill would close the college by January 2024 and reallocate Calbright College’s funding to basic need centers and student housing for the other 115 community colleges, with at least $5 million supporting students with dependent children.

Commentary: Closing the cybersecurity skills gap – Microsoft expands efforts to 23 countries
Official Microsoft Blog
We’re sharing cybersecurity best practices with schools through the American Association of Community Colleges, the first of three cohorts we are providing grants for funding technical assistance to accelerate their cybersecurity programs… We are learning a lot and will share more in the months to come.

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