Dorms for NJ’s county colleges?
NJ Spotlight
Some of the community colleges are looking to reach beyond their regions by adding housing, giving their students some of the atmosphere that those who live on campus at four-year colleges get.

CCP and PHA are going to offer housing for community college students without a secure place to live
Philadelphia Inquirer
“This is just another way to try to mitigate some of the struggles that many of our students are having so they can be successful in education and … life,” says Community College of Philadelphia President Donald “Guy” Generals.

Commentary: Short-term Pell grants must be designed to protect students, taxpayers
The Mixed Methods Blog (Community College Research Center)
Low-income adults seeking postsecondary skills to enter or advance in the labor market should have access to Pell Grants. However, the short-term programs eligible for Pell Grants should lead to better jobs and build to a higher-level credential, so that they are an effective use of student and taxpayer dollars.

Commentary: How doubling the Pell Grant could be a down payment on free college
Third Way
Doubling the Pell Grant would fully cover the average cost of in-state tuition and fees at public community colleges in all 50 states for students receiving the average Pell award or above.

U.S. community colleges see decline in enrollment, not in Nebraska
Southeast Community College officials says recent renovations like new facilities and advanced technology on their campuses may be what’s keeping enrollment up and making a difference.

How one community college professor is fighting high pandemic dropout rates
Hechinger Report
It’s been more than a year since the coronavirus shut down most college campuses, and many of the problems that emerged at the start of the pandemic still plague Fletcher, who teaches English and developmental writing at Austin Community College.

San Diego community colleges to require vaccinations
The San Diego Community College District will increase its on-campus and hybrid classes to at least 22% this fall, and all students and employees who are on-site will be required to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

3.1% more spending for Iowa community colleges, no increase for public universities
Legislators have approved a more than 3% increase in state funding for Iowa’s community colleges in the next budget year.

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