Headcount up, enrollment down?
EAB (blog)
Three last-minute strategies to improve fall enrollment.

Colleges encouraging older students to enroll as declining birth rates cause pool of applicants to dwindle
The Los Angeles Community College District recently partnered with College App, a company using data science to identify adults who would be open to college.

Commentary: Community colleges change lives, build economies
Central Penn Business Journal
Although it may seem difficult today for state lawmakers to justify the investment, it is more important than ever to promote the value of a community college education – a value that will continue to have significant, long-term and positive impacts on our local and state economies, writes John J. “Ski” Sygielski, president of HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College.

Commentary: Expand dual enrollment programs for pandemic-challenged high school students
The Hill
Dual enrollment simply needs a public relations boost.

Commentary: Eliminating the Pennsylvania rule that bars incarcerated students from getting financial aid
Center for American Progress (blog)
To get a sense of how many incarcerated people might be blocked by the so-called character requirement, estimates of potential Pell Grant recipients can be used to approximate the number of students who may also qualify for need-based state financial aid.

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