Hundreds of high schoolers take part in Gateway’s signing day event
Kenosha News
Letter of Intent is a growing campaign that is in its seventh year nationally and is aimed at emphasizing the degrees that can be obtained in a range of career and technical education programs.

Program would help students pay for community college
Citizens’ Voice
Proposed legislation in Pennsylvania would allow community college students to begin repaying their tuition interest-free for up to 10 years after obtaining a steady job.

Students use virtual reality to investigate potential crime scene
After weeks of classroom learning in forensic science and how to approach a death scene and determine what evidence to collect, students at County College of Morris (CCM) were ready for a unique lab experience called The Virtual Crime Scene Capstone project created by CCM professors.

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Editor’s note: Below are a few videos that highlight unique programs at community colleges.

At Owens Community College in Ohio, photography students along with faculty, staff and community partners like United Way participate in Help-Portrait as a way to use their skills to give back to their local community.

Valerie Chaussanet, a welding and art student at Austin Community College in Texas, hits local dumpsters for discarded material to transform them into art.

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