Tracking the real cost of college

Six Texas higher education institutions — of which four are community colleges — will participate in a new initiative to better determine the cost of college and how to share that information with students and families.

The goal of the initiative — which the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia will manage — is to develop better ways to determine students’ financial need, provide more accurate estimates of attending college, and improve communications related to financial need and price to students and other stakeholders. The center received a $650,000 grant from Lumina Foundation for the project.

The participating public two-year colleges are:

“For students to succeed academically and graduate, they need to have basic needs such as housing and food met so they can focus on their studies,” said EPCC President William Serrata, who also serves as board chair-elect of the American Association of Community Colleges. “El Paso Community College is proud to participate with the Lumina Foundation and the Hope Center to find ways to more effectively identify and address student needs both inside and outside of the classroom.”

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