Ariz. community College systems eye shared tech curriculum

Three community college systems in Arizona have agreed to develop a shared curriculum for their technology and manufacturing courses.

Bay Area colleges create program for needed quality control inspectors

This fall, two new classes and a new certificate program developed by a regional collaboration between community colleges and industry will be introduced to prepare workers to take on the challenges of quality inspection.

Ark. college funding-formula revision signed into law

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed legislation for the Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board to implement a funding formula for two-year and four-year colleges that is based on student success rather than enrollment.

Commentary: Mich. needs tuition-free community college

Michigan put the world on wheels and built the American middle class. But in order to continue being competitive in a global economy, we must ensure that our workers are getting the necessary training and education to compete.

San Francisco becomes first city to offer free community college tuition to all residents

The program could provide some form of assistance to 28,000 to 30,000 students in the city.

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