Editorial: Community colleges offer best return on investment
Portland Tribune
There’s a commonly used statistic that $1 of taxpayer money going to a community college nets $7.30 in return as the college churns out workers. That’s what’s called “smart money.”

Editorial: Declining enrollment a challenge for colleges, society
More colleges could take a page from Riverland Community College in Austin, Minnesota, which has paired incoming students with advisers.

New York’s community colleges get boost in new state budget
Albany Times Union
One of the most immediate impacts of the budget is a measure that allows community colleges to reduce or waive tuition for high school students taking college-level courses.

An important opportunity to innovate at California’s community colleges
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
A new California law allows students to enroll directly into courses that satisfy university requirements, instead of getting trapped in long and unwieldy sequences of remedial courses that do not count toward a bachelor’s degree, writes Geraldine Perri, superintendent/president of Citrus College in California.

Driving success
Ohio’s Southern State Community College steers students into great-paying jobs.

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