Is Philadelphia properly funding its community college?
The city currently provides about 20 percent of the college’s $130.6 million operating budget. City Councilman David Oh said the city actually should cover a third of the budget as was originally planned when the state law establishing community colleges passed in 1963.

Editorial: Montana’s community colleges deserve a boost
Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Lawmakers and Montana University system leaders can often find themselves at odds over things like funding, employee salaries and construction plans. But there seems to be some recent agreement on one issue: boosting the role of two-year community colleges and vocational technical training in the system.

Mississippi House ups ante on teacher pay; final sum unclear
Associated Press
State House Appropriation Committee Chairman John Read, a Republican, said that House leaders are considering $12 million to $15 million to increase pay for any state employees who haven’t had raises in the past two years. He also said the state is considering money for public university and community college employees who haven’t had raises recently.

Bill would allow homeless students to park overnight at community colleges
California Health Report
For a growing number of community college students in California, one of the biggest concerns isn’t exams or essays — it’s finding a safe place to sleep in their cars at night.

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