Mayoral candidate Jenny Durkan pitches free community college tuition for Seattle high-school grads
Seattle Times
Funding sources for the Seattle Promise could include the city’s tax on sweetened beverages, a $500 million local-education fund included as part of Sound Transit 3, and the city’s Families and Education Levy, which is up for renewal in 2018.

State college affordability program expands
Daily News of Newburyport
Students taking part in a state program aimed at making college more affordable and increasing graduation rates will now have more majors to choose from, including criminal justice, graphic design and computer science.

Undocumented: One immigrant’s story of life under DACA
Kevin Vazquez, 27-year-old undocumented immigrant and a recent Grand Rapids Community College graduate, will be working on a bachelor’s degree in organizational communications at Western Michigan University this fall.

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