Commentary: Rebuild middle class through technical training schools and community colleges
Danbury News Times
Instead of shoveling millions to pay off the wealthiest hedge funds in the world, it’s time to invest those resources to add value to the greater economy and to help rebuild our middle class, and that includes our vocational technical and community colleges, writes Connecticut State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, who is eyeing a run for governor.

Gov. Roy Cooper speaks to community college leaders
WECT-TV6 (with video)
As the keynote speaker at this year’s North Carolina Association of Community College Trustees leadership seminar, Gov. Roy Cooper spoke about the importance of access to quality education at the highest level.

How tech colleges work to close Wisconsin’s skills gap
WUWM (with audio)
As technology develops, the “world of work” is trying to keep up. And one unlikely hero has been quietly working to fill that gap: technical colleges.

Cuts to higher ed hurt states
Huntington Herald Dispatch
Despite recent funding increases in most states, a report from liberal think-tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found state spending in the decade since the recent recession remains well below historic levels, despite the fact a large and growing number of future jobs will require college-educated workers.

Enrollment on the rise at local community colleges
Community colleges are quickly becoming a key competitor against four year universities. This is especially true in Oklahoma where tuition costs at universities continue to rise and local community colleges are expanding their fields of study.

A new college is coming to the city of Montgomery
KVC Health Systems along with Bridge Valley Community and Technical College, the YMCA and the City of Montgomery, West Virginia, have partnered to create the nation’s first college designed to support youth transitioning from foster care.

Fab Cab is Ohio college’s innovation on wheels
Morning Journal
The Fab Cab is one of many innovations introduced this month as  Lorain County Community College continues a tradition of introducing locally cutting edge trends academically.

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