Illinois college lays off more staff due to budget
Effingham Daily News
Richland Community College has not received any state funding, which would have totaled $2.2 million this year, because Illinois lawmakers haven’t agreed on a state budget.

California ‘student success’ initiative slow to increase community college completion rates
California has seen no substantial increases in community college completion rates despite passing a much-anticipated reform law and spending nearly $890 million in subsequent state appropriations, all aimed at bolstering student progress. Backers of the reforms, however, say signs of positive change are evident and that improvements will accelerate in the near future.

Minnesota community looks at long-term approach to retaining teachers
Austin Herald
This spring, 24 new elementary teachers will be the first graduation class of a new teacher prep program that partners Austin High School, Riverland Community College and Winona State University in a unique fashion.

Technology college opens on Nissan manufacturing campus
Franklin Home Page
The Tennessee Board of Regents on Friday celebrated the opening of a new College of Applied Technology on the Nissan manufacturing campus before a business meeting where they approved an associate degree program in anesthesia technology at Columbia State Community College.

Rhode Island’s three public colleges try new ways to help struggling students catch up
Providence Journal
Now educators at the state’s three public colleges — and the Community College of Rhode Island, in particular — are rethinking how to help students acquire the skills they lack without delaying their progress toward graduation.

NCGA gets up-close look at benefits of community colleges
North State Journal (subscription required)
From 3-D printing to film production and health care, North Carolina’s community colleges are churning out the next generation of the state’s high-tech workforce.

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