State colleges see surge in bachelor’s degrees, but is it too much of a good thing?

The number of bachelor degrees offered at Florida community colleges has increased from 30 at four schools in early 2007 to 180 programs at 26 colleges today. Now state leaders are considering legislation that would slow the growth to avoid duplicating what four-year universities are offering.

Many college grads wish they’d done it differently

While community colleges have in the past played second fiddle to four-year schools, they’re increasingly being embraced by cost-conscious students.

Commentary: Iowa isn’t investing enough in its community colleges

There are entities which tailor programs to help people develop or upgrade the skills that are in demand by area employers. They’re called community colleges and apprenticeships.

N.H. college asks for state support

Great Bay Community College showcased its business and education partnerships – and lobbied for more state funding – at a legislative breakfast last week.

Retired presidents say community colleges need to separate themselves from university system

Two of Nevada’s retired community college presidents say the proposed state higher education budget won’t come close to enabling those schools to train the workers needed by Tesla and other high-tech companies moving to the state.

Community college to offer historic preservation classes

A community college in northern Kentucky plans to start offering historic preservation arts courses next month.

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