ccDaily > AACC receives $1.3M grant for green jobs initiative

AACC receives $1.3M grant for green jobs initiative


​The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has received a $1.3 million grant from the Kresge Foundation to expand green job training opportunities and innovations at community colleges.

The grant will fund AACC’s Sustainability, Education and Economic Development (SEED) initiative, which focuses on sustainability, education and economic development and helps community colleges initiate and expand green job training programs.

SEED will launch several innovative activities under the two-year grant, from workshops to an awards program. Colleges will also benefit from the SEED Center, a free resource center and online sharing environment for community college leaders, faculty and staff.

The new grant builds on an earlier grant from Kresge that established the role of community colleges in building a successful long-term green economy initiative. AACC’s new strategic plan for SEED, "Community Colleges in The Emerging Green Economy: Charting a Course and Leadership Role," provides direction for community colleges’ vision to create a green economy and meet the training needs that are part of job creation.

“The green economy is an unprecedented opportunity to grow America’s prosperity and create jobs,” said AACC President Walter Bumphus. “The community college sector is committed to educating students and the public about the overall importance of sustainable practices.”

Since September 2010, more than 350 community college presidents in 42 states, representing nearly one-third of AACC’s member colleges, have signed pledges committing ongoing support for the SEED Center and its activities.