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Commentary: The strength of community colleges
Now, more than ever, our nation needs two-year colleges—good two-year colleges.

Consider the high cost of low tuition at community colleges
Lower tuition at community colleges has led to too many students and not enough seats.

Calif. university to end guaranteed transfer for community college students
The University of California-San Diego program that guarantees transfer admission to community college students who meet certain requirements will end in 2014.

Three in mid-life about to become nursing grads
A variety of second-career students are in the second-year nursing class at Heartland Community College in Illinois.

Maine community colleges recruit students for machinist jobs
The Maine Community College System is partnering with the Manufacturers Association of Maine and the Great Bay Foundation to attract more high school graduates to pursue an education in the precision machining industry.
(See video, below. You can also hear an audio report from the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.)

 Source: WCSH-6 (Portland, Maine)