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Accomplishments of 2011-2013 MentorLinks colleges


A student at Mount Wachusett Community College (Massachusetts) prepares a vessel for the sterile transfer of cells to a bioreactor. The college leveraged the biotech program enhancements accomplished during MentorLinks to obtain significant grant support.

​Community colleges participating in MentorLinks in 2011-2013 have used it to create new programs and to secure addition funding. Here are a few highlights:

  • Seven colleges created new courses, certificates or degree programs
  • One college started an internship program
  • Four MentorLinks colleges received NSF-ATE grants to expand MentorLinks projects:

- Mount Wachusett Community College (Massachusetts), $291,115
- Kaskaskia College (Illinois), $196,342
- Northeast Iowa Community College, $200,000
- Eastern Shore Community College (Virginia), $198,248

  • Two MentorLinks colleges received U.S. Department of Labor grants related to their MentorLinks initiatives:

- Mount Wachusett Community College, $15.9 million
- Southern Arkansas Community College, $3.9 million