Less than $100 in savings

About one-quarter of two-year college students have less than $100 saved, and 12 percent have no savings, according to a survey by LendingTree.

Twenty-three percent of two-year college students participating in the survey said they have at least $1,000 saved, compared to 37 percent of polled four-year college students.

LendingTree broke out the community college data from the survey per request by CC Daily.

Among other survey results related to community colleges:

• One-third of two-year college students are saving for tuition payments, compared to nearly half of four-year college students.
• Seven percent of two-year college students report that they are not saving for anything, compared to 4 percent of four-year college students.
• Surveyed two-year college students are less likely to have a checking account than four-year college students, 79 percent compared to 91 percent, respectively.

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