What international students should know about community college admissions
U.S. News & World Report
While cost was a motivating factor, Greg Zdanowski from Poland says his final decision to attend a community college came after lackluster meetings with two U.S. universities. He felt more welcomed at Harper College, a community college in Illinois, where he says the admissions process for him was incredibly smooth.

In California, high schools are partnering with businesses, community colleges to get students college- and career-ready
The 74
If all goes according to plan, by next year Bayer Crop Science will be in a partnership with Woodland Community College and a nearby high school to make good on a program that more than 100 schools have rolled out domestically and overseas.

A world of uncertainty for Connecticut’s community colleges
Connecticut Public Radio (audio)
When it comes to the future of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges, a great deal of uncertainty remains, especially on the issue of consolidation.

3D printing camp kicks off at Calhoun Community College
During the camp at the Alabama college, students will learn how to use design software, solve engineering problems and use 3D printers.

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