Commentary: A crash course on community colleges for Trump: I went to one, then wound up at the President’s alma mater
New York Daily News
Trade schools are wonderful, and we need them as much as other educational programs. But not everyone is suitable for a trade, the way not everyone is suited to write an English essay or thrive in a microbiology lab.

Confusing Texas community college websites could hold back student transfers, new report finds
Thousands of Texas community college students hoping to transfer their credits to a four-year university have to find scarce information on hard-to-navigate websites, according to a new report published.

Racine County welcomes new job training program
Journal Times
The Wisconsin Regional Training Partnerships/Big Step program officially opened Monday in Gateway Technical College’s Technical Building.

4 states offer free community college — now a fifth could join their ranks
WSB Atlanta
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is moving ahead with his idea to make community college free for everyone in the Garden State by 2021.

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