Simplifying the process to transfer earned credits

In Connecticut, an initiative to help college students transfer earned credits between community colleges and public four-year institutions passed the House of Representatives last week.

“At a time when college costs are skyrocketing, transferring credits within our own state college and university system should not be difficult,” State Rep. Christie Carpino, who introduced the bill, said in a press release. “Students who have difficulty transferring the credits they have already paid for and worked so hard to earn are often forced to retake similar classes, which only add to their mounting college debt. This is unacceptable.”

State Rep. Christie Carpino

Carpino’s bill would simplify the process to transfer college credits within Connecticut. In addition to coordinating all credit transfer information to one central location, the bill would mandate that incoming community college students are educated about the variety of transfer programs available. It also requires annual reporting of data surrounding state transfer programs so that lawmaker can assess progress.

“The bill goes a long way in creating a straightforward path to get students out of college quicker and into their chosen career path,” Carpino said.

The University of Connecticut (UConn) — the state’s flagship four-year institution — is turning down about a quarter of community college transfer credits, with students losing 15 credits on average, according to a report released in spring. However, officials from UConn and other organizations contest the report, and note that the state already has a working system to help students transfer qualifying credits.

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